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M Dorsett: What Should I Caption This Picture? - 280 page Scrapbook Available for purchase December 3rd, 2017

By M Dorsett (Author & Curator),‎ Cover Art by M Dorsett 0 reviews


$5 for every book sold before December 17th 2017 will be donated to Kay Tita, a collaborative workspace being built in Haiti.


Quickly get your photos posted in the digital world so that you can get back to enjoying life, in the physical world! Spread positivity online by making people laugh and smile when you post your photos with these captions. 


This designed to be interactive scrapbook provides you with pages upon pages to fill up with your photo memories. You also get caption options that you can use online!


First time book author Miriam Dorsett believes you should only take

a few minutes of your life to post a picture on the internet. She also believes your actions speak louder than your words, but what you

say in your caption does matter and can have an impact.


Completing the book with friends, family, or coworkers is a fun activity. Create lasting memories with these lighthearted and timeless captions.

What Should I Caption This Picture?

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