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Signs that Hip Hop is Set to Blow Up in Kansas City

Think wind and BBQ is the only thing stirring and heating up in Kansas City, MO? Think again. Budding entrepreneur Corey aka “Buzz” and his older brother JD have their sights set on showing off the artists set to blow up a tasty storm of their own in an exclusive event set for this weekend. If you’re looking for things to do in Kansas City, keep reading to learn more about Corey and his New Millennials bash.

The 18+ over event will bring together big local & unknown local artists on the same platform. Showcasing what Kansas City really has to offer. This is not the first show to be put together by the duo. In a true entrepreneurial spirit, they started putting their own kind of shows together because “we didn't want to just wait around for one of these big promoters to hit us up.” Buzz is an artist himself, and enjoys putting “new faces on the scene.”

I asked Corey, who is really excited about this event in the city this weekend how he wants people to feel when they come out to one of his events and he had this to say “I want people to feel just as excited as I am about coming out to the event just to see new faces & see how different people present their music.”

The show has a lineup of mostly hip hop artists featuring: @daduworld, @uniquexvi, @na.solomon, @na.saaboy, @na.westside, @kyecolors,, @bobbyjofficial, @chefmais, @dylnwelsh, @itss.daltonn, @teamdreamon, @officials_ostn, @chrizzy816, @ashleymareemusic, @officialroycej and more. You don’t want to miss it.


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