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CLOSED - PUBLISHER REQUEST: Roots Drink + Coronavirus

Publisher: Multiple

500 words

Budget $15

Request: Write a light, fun, and informative article about prevention of the Coronavirus and general illnesses harnessing the power of natural medicine.


  • Short introduction of the current state of coronavirus and how we got here

  • Introduce the power of natural medicine and it's history of being used to treat and prevent illnesses, infection, and cure disease.

  • Focus in on the ingredients in this beverage

  • Quote and reference at least 3 "Instagram influencers" (at least 2500-7K followers) of natural medicine. Provide links to their Instagram page where they have posted a fact or benefit of natural medicine. For example search hashtag "ginger" and see what pages come up.

  • Close it out with a friendly stay healthy wish for the reader.

Please SUBMIT CONTENT when done. You will be notified if this request closes. Any questions should be posted as comments to this post.


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