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Artist Spotlight: KARIM NAAS

"I think I just found the perfect artist creating music that merges my memories of high school party days with my current Miami vibes." 🎉 - M Dorsett

Enter Karim Naas. Formally known as Busta K, this up and coming producer from across the pond just dropped a brand new single, and has plans to drop another in the coming days. At twenty years young, Karim Naas is just getting started.

Millennials Now Magazine contributor Miriam Dorsett sat down with him to talk about his music, inspirations, and what he sees for the future. Read the full interview below.

Congratulations on all of your current and future success. Thank you so much for the opportunity to get to know you a bit more. Can you talk about how you got started making music?

I grew up listening to a lot of pop-rock bands such as Fall Out Boy and Panic! at the disco. I started making my own music when I was 10. The first instrument I picked up was the guitar. I would practice playing their songs, as well as learning music theory. Later I discovered rap music and I started making beats on my computer, and from there I developed my instrumentals into more of the sound you hear today.

Very cool! So you got into producing first, and then it kind of came naturally to expand into making your own songs. Very cool. What is your favorite song?

I love 1950 by King Princess. When I and other people listen to music I think they want the music to make them feel happy. My sound is a mix of urban, pop and dance vibes which I think put people into a happy mood, and makes them want to dance.

I also want listeners to feel like they’ve never heard my kind of songs before, that’s why I love using multiple instruments and sound effects. It’s exactly the case with “Threw A Party”, where I started using the tone of musical instruments as a base, then modifying the sounds afterward to create new and unique ones.

I love that song. It definitely makes me want to dance. You've been creating since childhood and it seems like you're just getting started. Do you have a most memorable career moment so far?

I think that would be when I won a contest organized by Soonvibes, a French indie label, which led me to play the Paris Technoparade festival which is a major EDM event in France. This was the first time I’d played in front of the public as a DJ so that was a lot of pressure but also a magical moment.

Very cool, congrats. If you could be stuck in one year musically, which year would it be, and if you could tour with anyone who would it be??

If I could tour with anyone who would it be Billie Eilish. For being stuck in a year I would pick 2013. At that time electro music was huge. Take for example the huge hit by Martin Garrix – Animals. I was inspired by that music genre and have started focusing on making my own tracks more electronic since then.

What would you say is the best part of being an artist?

Meeting and working with artists from all around the world, and traveling as well. I had the chance to spend several months in London last year, where I met incredible singer/songwriters with whom I recorded multiple sessions. It was intense but really enriching. I’ve also been to L.A and Miami – I was able to meet with Kurtiz the Kid thanks to a meeting I had with a music agency over there, which led to “Threw A Party”.

"Whatever you do, you have to believe in yourself. - Karim Naas

My last questions are what advice would you give to up and coming artists, and what do you see for the future of “the scene”?

If you're an artist, whatever you do, you have to believe in yourself. Especially when you’re a young artist who is just starting in the music industry. In the future I see more fusion between all music genres, as this is what we’re seeing with the pop and urban scenes.,

Want more Karim Naas? Watch him on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


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