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How do you want your guests to feel when they attend your workshop or event?

What do you want them to learn?

Who do you need to connect with to deliver this experience sustainably? Meaning stress free, on time, and under budget.


Chibur curates an experience through the entire event planning process, from concept to post-execution,

by engaging all 5 senses. 


The end result being meaningful for all.

The best way to get an idea of what we do is to attend an upcoming event or workshop! 



Workshops offered by Chibur aim to be transformative experiences. From the venue to the conversation. Every detail is curated.


Come learn, engage, and have fun with us!

Vision Boards
Out Of School Time


Out of school time workshops are designed to support 

staff and directors within the field of youth development, and the associated programs.


Prior to coming on site 


  • Chibur will understand the agency context and goals, and select an educator that best fits your needs

  • Training will be inclusive of different learning modalities

  • Participants will always reflect and assess their own skills

  • Participants will receive tangible tools and supportive documents so that new information and strategies can be implemented effectively and immediately

  • All training will model how classes should be held for students

Out of School Time


We view events as experiences. Offering the opportunity for brands to communicate who they are, and those that attend to connect with each other and the brand. Whether that be in the physical or the digital world.


Our experience planning services are unique. Whether planning for 2 or 2000. We utilize all the communication methods available and engage all of the senses. We partner with only the best to execute at a level that only can be described as excellent.


Since the nature of events can range so much, the planning required fluctuates.

So as a result, our pricing is always custom. 


Please complete this form to get started.



Our vision board experience combines strategic planning, art, and intuition.  


We offer them for individuals, groups, and brands. Whether you're embarking on a new chapter, launching a product, measuring your team's engagement, or something else; they are a powerful tool when constructed correctly.

"It's like combining feng shui with the secret" 

Vision Board Workshop
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